Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar 2023 Hindi Movie

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar” is a 2023 Hindi romantic comedy directed by Luv Ranjan. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles, marking their first on-screen pairing. The story revolves around the playful and often deceptive dynamics of modern relationships. With a blend of humor, romance, and a touch of drama, the movie explores how love and lies intertwine in the lives of the protagonists. Supported by a talented ensemble cast, vibrant music, and picturesque settings, “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar” promises a refreshing take on the complexities of contemporary romance.

Detailed Overview

TitleTu Jhoothi Main Makkaar
DirectorLuv Ranjan
ProducersLuv Ranjan, Ankur Garg
Release DateMarch 8, 2023
GenreRomantic Comedy
Plot SummaryThe film follows Mickey (Ranbir Kapoor), a charming and witty young man who has a knack for manipulating situations to his advantage. He meets Tinni (Shraddha Kapoor), an independent and modern woman who believes in straightforwardness and honesty in relationships. Their encounter in the vibrant city of Mumbai leads to a whirlwind romance filled with humorous twists and turns. As their relationship develops, they face challenges that test their beliefs and understanding of love, trust, and commitment, making them question the very foundation of their bond.

Detailed Songs

Song TitleSinger(s)ComposerLyricistDetails
Pyaar Hota Kayi Baar HaiArijit SinghPritamAmitabh BhattacharyaA catchy and peppy track that captures the essence of falling in love multiple times, highlighting the playful nature of romance.
Tere Pyaar MeinArijit Singh, Nikhita GandhiPritamAmitabh BhattacharyaA melodious romantic song that beautifully depicts the chemistry between the lead characters, Mickey and Tinni.
Show Me The ThumkaSunidhi Chauhan, Shashwat SinghPritamAmitabh BhattacharyaA fun and energetic dance number that features vibrant choreography and celebrates the joy of dancing and being in love.
JaaduiJubin Nautiyal, MithoonPritamAmitabh BhattacharyaA soulful ballad that delves into the magical feeling of being in love, capturing the emotional depth of the lead characters’ relationship.
Maine Pi Rakhi HaiShreya Ghoshal, Shashwat SinghPritamAmitabh BhattacharyaA lively and upbeat song that adds a humorous touch to the storyline, showcasing the playful dynamics between Mickey and Tinni.

Detailed Cast

MickeyRanbir KapoorA charming, street-smart guy who excels at manipulating situations to his advantage, leading to humorous and sometimes complicated scenarios in his love life.
TinniShraddha KapoorA modern, independent woman who values honesty and straightforwardness in relationships, challenging Mickey’s manipulative ways.
Mickey’s Friend 1Dimple KapadiaPortrays an important supporting role as Mickey’s friend, adding depth and humor to the storyline.
Tinni’s Friend 1Boney KapoorPlays a key supporting character, providing guidance and comic relief in Tinni’s life.
Mickey’s Friend 2Anubhav Singh BassiAnother close friend of Mickey, contributing to the comedic and dramatic elements of the plot.
Tinni’s Friend 2Monica ChaudharyA supportive friend to Tinni, helping her navigate the complexities of her relationship with Mickey.

Short story

In “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar,” Rohan (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tia (Shraddha Kapoor) cross paths and quickly become entangled in a whirlwind romance full of mischief and playful lies. Despite their initial attempts to deceive each other, they gradually uncover genuine feelings, leading to both hilarious and touching moments. The journey of their relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions, with misunderstandings and reconciliations shaping their bond. Ultimately, the film explores the themes of trust, vulnerability, and the true meaning of love, set against the backdrop of vibrant music and stunning visuals.

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