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Top SonyLIV Indian Web Series

SonyLIV, one of India’s most popular streaming platforms, has a vast library of web series. From gripping crime thrillers to heartwarming coming- of-age stories, SonyLIV has something for everyone.

In recent years, the platform has gained immense popularity due to its excellent original content. Sony LIV web series list includes some of the most critically acclaimed shows that have received rave reviews from both audiences and critics. These shows have managed to strike a chord with viewers thanks to their compelling storytelling, excellent production values, and outstanding performances by the cast. If you subscribe to Times Prime, you can not only watch all SonyLIV series but also access their other benefits like Gaana+, Disney+ Hotstar, Google One, and more.

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

“Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story” is a critically acclaimed Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This 10-episode series, released in 2020, is based on the real-life events surrounding the infamous stock market scam of 1992 in India. The show revolves around the life and activities of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who orchestrated one of the largest financial scams in Indian history.

Pratik Gandhi delivers a stellar performance as Harshad Mehta, capturing his charisma and ruthlessness. The series provides a gripping narrative that delves into the complexities of the stock market, regulatory loopholes, and the power play within the financial sector. It explores themes of ambition, greed, and the consequences of unethical financial practices.

“Scam 1992” has received praise for its writing, direction, and authentic portrayal of the events, making it a must-watch for those interested in financial scandals and the darker side of the stock market.


“Gullak” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV that first premiered in 2019. Created by Shreyansh Pandey, the show is a heartwarming portrayal of the Mishra family and their everyday life in a small town in North India. The series primarily revolves around the Mishra family’s unique and relatable experiences, often set against the backdrop of a quaint, middle-class lifestyle.

Each episode of “Gullak” captures the nuances of their daily routines, family dynamics, and the trials and tribulations they face. The show’s strength lies in its simplicity, authentic storytelling, and its ability to strike a chord with viewers by portraying situations and emotions that are universally recognizable. The series offers a nostalgic and humorous take on the ups and downs of family life, making it a delightful watch for those who appreciate slice-of-life storytelling with a touch of Indian cultural charm.

Girls Hostel

Girls Hostel” is a popular Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This comedy-drama series revolves around the lives of four young women from diverse backgrounds who share a hostel while pursuing their education. The show, created by Chhavi Mittal and Shubham Agarwal, portrays the ups and downs, friendships, and personal growth of the main characters as they navigate the challenges of college life and adulthood.

The series beautifully explores the dynamics between the roommates, each with her unique personality and aspirations. It delves into themes like friendship, relationships, and the pursuit of dreams, making it relatable to a wide audience. The characters’ relatable experiences and humorous escapades make “Girls Hostel” an engaging and entertaining watch, resonating with viewers, particularly young adults. With its strong ensemble cast and witty storytelling, the show has gained a dedicated fan following, making it a must-watch for those who enjoy light-hearted and realistic dramas.

Avrodh: The Siege Within

“Avrodh: The Siege Within” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This gripping series, released in 2020, is a dramatized retelling of the 2016 Uri terrorist attack, a real-life incident that took place in Jammu and Kashmir. The show delves into the meticulous planning and execution of the surgical strike carried out by the Indian Special Forces in response to the attack. Starring Amit Sadh, Darshan Kumaar, and Madhurima Tuli, the series offers a detailed look at the counterterrorism operations, the intelligence work involved, and the personal stories of the soldiers involved in the mission. It received positive reviews for its realistic portrayal of events and the commendable performances by the cast.

“Avrodh” is a must-watch for those interested in military and political dramas based on true events, shedding light on the dedication and valor of India’s armed forces.

Por Thozhil

“Thozhil” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV that captivates its audience with a gripping narrative spanning various genres. The series delves into the intricate world of employment and livelihood, shedding light on the struggles, aspirations, and diverse experiences of the characters.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary India, “Thozhil” weaves together compelling storylines that touch upon issues such as career ambitions, workplace dynamics, and the pursuit of dreams. The show boasts a talented ensemble cast, bringing authenticity and depth to their respective roles. With its unique blend of drama, humor, and social commentary, “Thozhil” provides a fresh and engaging perspective on the lives of individuals striving to make their mark in the professional world. This series offers a glimpse into the trials and triumphs of the modern Indian workforce, making it a must-watch for those seeking insightful and relatable storytelling.


“Chutzpah” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This series delves into the world of social media, exploring the impact of the internet on people’s lives. It follows the lives of five individuals from different backgrounds, each dealing with their own set of challenges and aspirations in the digital age.

The show touches on various aspects of online life, from influencer culture and cyberbullying to the quest for online fame. It combines drama, comedy, and suspense to provide a diverse and engaging narrative. “Chutzpah” also highlights the significance of real-world connections and the consequences of one’s online actions. With a talented cast and a contemporary storyline, “Chutzpah” offers a thought-provoking and entertaining look at the complexities of the digital age, making it a compelling watch for those interested in the dynamics of social media and online relationships.


“Gargi” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This thriller series, set against the backdrop of a prestigious all-girls college, revolves around the mysterious disappearance of a student named Gargi. The show delves into the complex lives of the college’s students, faculty, and the investigation that follows Gargi’s vanishing. As the story unfolds, viewers are drawn into a world of secrets, lies, and hidden agendas. The narrative explores the emotional and psychological turmoil of the characters, with each episode unveiling new twists and turns. “Gargi” not only investigates the central mystery but also delves into themes of friendship, ambition, and the dark underbelly of an educational institution.

With its engaging storyline and well-crafted characters, “Gargi” is a compelling Indian web series that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, making it a must-watch for fans of thrilling dramas.

College Romance

“College Romance” is a popular Indian web series available on SonyLIV. This coming-of-age romantic comedy revolves around the lives of three college friends – Karan, Trippy, and Naira. Set in an Indian college campus, the show beautifully captures the ups and downs of young love, friendships, and the challenges of academic life.

The series is known for its relatable characters and witty humor. It explores the dynamics of love, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams during the college years. Viewers can expect a mix of laughter, drama, and romance as they follow the characters through their journey.

“College Romance” has gained a significant following for its humor, engaging storytelling, and the portrayal of the quintessential college experience in India. It’s a light-hearted series that resonates with young adults and anyone nostalgic about their college days.

Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon

“Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV that unfolds a captivating tale of passion, determination, and resilience. This show, consisting of 10 episodes, delves into the life of Kavya, a young woman with dreams and aspirations. Set against the backdrop of a small town, Kavya’s journey is a testament to her unwavering spirit as she battles societal norms and adversity to chase her dreams. The series brilliantly portrays her transformation into a strong, independent individual as she strives to make her mark in a world full of challenges and prejudices.

With stellar performances and a gripping storyline, “Kavya – Ek Jazbaa, Ek Junoon” serves as an inspiring narrative that highlights the power of determination and the pursuit of one’s passion. It’s a must-watch for those seeking a heartwarming story of triumph and self-discovery.


“Maharani” is an Indian web series available on SonyLIV. Set in the political landscape of Bihar, the series is a gripping political drama that revolves around the journey of Rani Bharti, portrayed by Huma Qureshi, from being a homemaker to becoming the Chief Minister of the state. The show delves into the intricacies of Indian politics, power struggles, and societal expectations. As Rani Bharti navigates this unfamiliar world, viewers witness her transformation, resilience, and determination to bring about positive change in a male-dominated political arena. The series also highlights the influence of caste-based politics and the complexities of governance in Bihar.

“Maharani” is known for its engaging storyline, strong character development, and powerful performances by the cast. It offers a compelling narrative that sheds light on the challenges faced by women in Indian politics and society.

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