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Das Ka Dhamki (2023) Bollywood Movie

Das Ka Dhamki” bursts onto the Bollywood scene in 2023, offering a perfect cocktail of comedy and suspense that hooks audiences from the get-go. This film cleverly marries lighthearted humor with the intrigue of a thriller, creating a refreshing narrative that keeps the laughs and gasps coming in equal measure. With its lively script and a cast that brings each joke and jolt to life, “Das Ka Dhamki” ensures a cinematic journey filled with unexpected turns and delightful antics. Ideal for those who enjoy their thrillers with a side of chuckles, this movie is a testament to Bollywood’s ability to entertain and engage through innovative storytelling. Join in on the fun and suspense as “Das Ka Dhamki” takes you on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Das Ka Dhamki (2023) overview

TitleDas Ka Dhamki
Release Year2023
DirectorVishwak Sen
Lead CastVishwak Sen, Nivetha Pethuraj
GenreAction, Comedy, Drama
PlotThe film follows Krishna Das, an everyman whose life takes a thrilling turn, leading him to assume a daring alter ego and navigate a series of adventures and challenges.
SettingPrimarily urban settings, capturing the essence of contemporary India.
ThemesIdentity, adventure, personal transformation, the impact of sudden change.
Critical ReceptionGenerally positive, with particular praise for its engaging narrative and strong performances.
Special NotesVishwak Sen’s dual role as director and lead actor adds a unique personal touch to the film.


Vishwak SenKrishna Das / Leading role
Nivetha PethurajFemale lead
Rao RameshSupporting role
RohiniSupporting role
Hyper AadiSupporting role
PrithvirajSupporting role
AjaySupporting role

Das Ka Dhamki (2023) Songs

Song TitleSinger(s)Music ComposerLyricist
“Dhamki Title Track”Anirudh RavichanderLeon JamesKalyan Chakravarthy
“Nuvvu Nenu”Sid Sriram, Jonita GandhiLeon JamesRamajogayya Sastry
“Crazy Crazy”Sunidhi ChauhanLeon JamesRamajogayya Sastry
“Love Ante”Benny Dayal, Neeti MohanLeon JamesBhaskarabhatla
“Hustle Mode”Vishwak SenLeon JamesKrishna Kanth

Short story

Das Ka Dhamki” (2023) is a Bollywood adventure brimming with humor, intrigue, and action. The story centers on Krishna Das, an everyman who is thrust into a whirlwind of excitement when he unexpectedly becomes the heir to a vast fortune. The catch? He must complete a series of almost impossible tasks to prove his worthiness. As Krishna battles greedy relatives, outwits cunning enemies, and navigates new romances, he transforms from a simple man into a true hero. This lively film cleverly combines elements of mystery, comedy, and drama, delivering an engaging narrative that celebrates the triumph of the underdog.

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